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How to Buy History Papers Online

How to Buy History Papers OnlineIt is very important to buy history papers online because it could help you find your lost possessions and also get hold of money that you might have lost somewhere else. It is not difficult to search for it but you should always bear in mind that you must have sufficient amount of time in order to do so.There are different places that you can get hold of the documents and paper files that you are looking for. But before you buy them, you must take into consideration a few things. In this article I will discuss how you should go about buying history papers online.When you are trying to buy history papers online you should always remember that you should always go for those that are issued by the government of the country. Make sure that you go for those documents that are sealed in a file or document. So, if you are buying them from an online store then make sure that you go through all the steps and you should get the papers in sealed envelopes and ot her such measures. The next thing that you need to consider is that you should make sure that the documents you are getting are also current.A certain store that sells documents might offer a service whereby it will ask you to fill up a form that tells it the information that it needs for the documents and papers. If the document is not current, then you might get a fake one that is not authentic.When you are going to look for history papers, you should go to your local store and you should get the necessary amount of papers that you would need. If you want to save yourself some money then you should look for those papers that are available on CDs and DVDs.The next thing that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for documents online is that you need to avoid people who sell them way out there. You should always try to go for the store that offers free shipping.When you are going to buy history papers, you should always make use of the Internet and you should compare the pri ces of different stores. It would also be a good idea to search for the sites that offer you great deals on the documents and paper files that you are looking for.It is not difficult to find the history papers and documents that you are looking for when you are shopping for them from online stores. When you go online make sure that you try to compare the prices of different stores that offer you the documents.

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The Origns of The Species by Charles Darwin Essay

The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines cultural anthropology as the anthropology that deals with â€Å"human culture [especially] with respect to social structure, language, law, politics, religion, magic, art, and technology† (1998:282). Anthropology, when broken down, simply means the study of man (anthropos: man and ology: study). The word culture comes from the Latin word â€Å"colere,† which means to cultivate, or to worship. When you understand the meaning of the word, it provides you with a better understanding of what the word represents. Culture is something people create and then â€Å"worship† as a way to feel like a part of something. Cultural anthropology aims to study cultures and how they came to form. WHAT IS CULTURE AND WHERE†¦show more content†¦Because many anthropologists at the time were also religious, degradation theory fit well because it coincided with the Bible and the story of the Tower of Babel. Anthropologists also liked to use phrenology, which was â€Å"the study of the conformation of the skull based on the belief that it is indicative of mental faculties and character† (Merriam-Webster 1998:876), as one of the â€Å"scientific methods† to support racism. An anthropologist would use phrenology to say that certain groups of people were, because of the shape of their head, primitive and lacking intelligence. Surprisingly, phrenology is still used today. In a study published at the University of California, Riverside, researchers â€Å"identified leaders’ facial structure as a specific physical trait that correlates with organizational performance† (Haselhuhn, Ormiston, and Wong 2011). Whether it is a nineteenth century anthropologist or a group of researchers at the University of California in 2011, it is still phrenology. Anthropologists credit Lewis Henry Morgan as being the founder of American cultural anthropology or more broadly as the fath er of â€Å"American anthropology.† Many anthropologists at the time were known as â€Å"arm chair† academics, meaning that they studied anthropology from a distance while sitting in chairs, reading, and thinking; Morgan was not an â€Å"arm chair† anthropologist; He went out into the field to learn

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Improving Clean Water And Sanitation - 1651 Words

Introduction: The specific target of interest is improving clean water and sanitation. The specific country of interest is Ethiopia, the landlocked country located at the horn of Africa. Although Ethiopia has experienced significant economic growth and declining poverty they are still susceptible to issues such as disease, climate related crisis, and drought. High rates of infant and maternal mortality remain as well as limited access to clean water. Ethiopia is the second most populated Sub-Saharan African country with 99.39 million inhabitants, with more than 80% occupying rural, remote areas. This country is also home to 629,718 refugees from Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia. Agriculture accounts for over half of the economy, however is often vulnerable to droughts. This paper will focus on the sustainable developmental goals 6.1, 6.2, and 6.4. SDG 6.1 is by 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. SDG 6.2 is by 2030, achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations, and SDG 6.4 is by 2030, substantially increase water-use efficiency across all sectors and ensure sustainable withdrawals and supply of freshwater to address water scarcity and substantially reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity. It is my aim to use this paper to shed light on the crisis at hand andShow MoreRelatedWater And Sanitation For The Bolivian People1352 Words   |  6 Pagessuggest that the grant of these funds is to be used to provide clean sources of water and sanitation for the Bolivian people. In the construction of this argument, I will begin with a broad summa ry of Bolivia’s developmental status, along with its nature, and the effect it has on its citizens. Next, I will outline that the channeling of these funds will through NGOs and will go towards the building of water purification and sanitation systems in both urban and rural areas. Third, I will explain whyRead MoreSanitation Practices And Sustainable Water Systems1310 Words   |  6 Pagesinvolving the Earth’s most vital resource – water – and how problems with access to it are on the rise due to a lack of sanitation practices and sustainable water systems. Especially in developing countries, preventable diseases have become a top 10 global killer, claiming the lives of nearly 730,000 innocent people per year (, 2015; Prà ¼ss-Ustà ¼n, Bartram, Clasen, et al., 2014). As the world’s population’s need for water increases and the amount of water on Earth remains constant, different issuesRead MoreWhat Intervention Activities Would Be The Most Help For Addressing Haiti s Health Problem1432 Words   |  6 Pagesdown to four focus areas. These priorities are: 1) provision of safe water and sanitation infrastructure, 2) carry out health education among community members, 3) fill critical healthcare gap, and 4) improve and increase epidemiological surveillance In a blog post written by Sokari Ekine, the Nigerian social justice activist explains that cholera is an illness â€Å"exacerbated by heavy rains; poor sanitation; and limited clean water and associated poor hygiene† (Ekine, 2013). These components factorRead MoreThe Medical Mission Trip Of Haiti1661 Words   |  7 Pageshave taken to Haiti. This course has further expanded my knowledge of global nursing and helped me to understand and envision new ways to improve health outcomes. I have been face to face with impoverished people who lacked access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation, nourishment and healthcare services. The life expectancy at birth in Haiti for women is 64 and in men is 61 (WHO, 2015). Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and is still recovering from the catastrophic earthRead MoreThe Navajo Nation Clean Water1724 Words   |  7 Pages However, this vast land has little infrastructure for moving the water supply from one area to a nother, coupled with a long-lasting drought diminishing water reserves and the contamination of some water sources from industrial mining, the Navajo Nation faces severe limited access to clean water (1). Without natural sources of clean water or the ability to easily move water to those in need, the Nation must rely on hauling water large distances at great expense to the tribespeople (2,3). This strainRead MoreMalnutrition and unclean water are major causes of death in developing countries. While people in600 Words   |  3 PagesMalnutrition and unclean water are major causes of death in developing countries. While people in developed countries have access to a glass of fresh water anytime of the day, it’s quite the contrary for people in developed countries whose only source of water is the river that’s miles away. This goes for food as well. Undernourished kids have a hard time developing and are less resistant to diseases (i). Insufficient nutrients contribute to rising child mortality (ii); mothers are unable to breastfeedRead MoreThe Importance Of A Womens Health1233 Words   |  5 Pagesand infection. Lack of sanitation, immunization, clean storages, and limited access to health care services are some of the few. There is about 1 doctor for every 17,000 people and 40% of the people there live on less than $1.25 a day (WHO, 2015). Also, people who live under the poverty line is most likely unable to receive medical attention. One major cause of an increase risk of infection is poor quality medicines that endanger a patient’s safety. This deals with having clean storages for the medicineRead MoreThe Provision Of Health Rights2379 Words   |  10 Pagesbut also the provision of clean environment, hygienic sanitation and pure water .In fact, WHO defined determinants of health includes safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, and healthy working and environmental conditions .As the environment, sanitation and health are closely related so the right to good health is principally linked with environmental sanitation and hygiene development. In this paper, I would try to evaluate the state of environment and sanitation related issues in PakistanRead MoreSubstandard Living Conditions Essay1512 Words   |  7 Pagesseverity, they affect enough people worldwide to warrant international attention. The difficult issue of lack of sanitation and substandard living conditions in refugee camps is one such troubling challenge. The creation of solutions for this important issue is only possible once this problem is carefully defined and its root causes fully understood. As such, the challenge of lack of sanitation and substandard living conditions in refugee camps has existed in Calais, France and Syria since 2012, and itsRead MoreA Health Profile Of The Country Of Malawi Essay1649 Words   |  7 Pagesmortality rates (Small, 2015). Malawi Women’s Health Organization Malawi Women’s Health is a non-profit organization that focuses on the health of women. This organization is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the women of Malawi by improving access to healthcare, education, and income generation opportunities. Their motivation is the simple fact that healthy women bring opportunity for sustainable change in the community. The organization is raising funds to build a health clinic for

Arabian Industries and Group Companies

Question: Discuss about the Arabian Industries and Group Companies. Answer: Introduction: This report deals with Arabian Industries, an Oman based multinational company, which started its journey in 1991[1]. The goal of the project is to discuss the company including its various subsidiary companies. The objective of the report is to discuss the functional areas of Arabian Industries, describe in detail the activities carried out by its various group companies and cover the important financial, human resource and marketing affairs of the company as a whole. In this report, secondary data has been used. Most of the information and knowledge has been gathered from the official website of the company. The structure of the report covers four main areas. The first part discusses the activities carried on by four functional areas, i.e. engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance, of the company. In the next part, the companys recruitment policy has been discussed. The company follows various methods of internal and external recruitment. The third part deals with the expansion strategy of the company and the sources from where the company arranges the required finance. The last part of the report covers the marketing activities carried out by the company for the promotion of the brand, the products and the services offered by it. Activities of the four functional areas: Arabian Industries (AI) is an EPC company, which is engaged in contracting, manufacturing and maintenance work for Oil and Gas sector, chemicals and fertilizer industries, refinery industries, petro chemical industries and power industries[2]. Since its inception in the year 1991, the industry has developed a unique expertise in designing, procurement, and engineering, construction, painting fabrication, testing and maintenance of projects across various industries. The main functional areas of Arabian Industries are: Arabian Industries has a separate group company for providing engineering services for the oil and gas industry[3]. Arabian Industries Energy Solutions is a specialist in this sector. Arabian Industries Energy Solutions is engaged in activities of removing sands from stream and using cyclone based separation devices for treatment of produced water[4]. For this AIES uses a wide range of modern and advanced technologies for such separation services, AI Energy Solutions is the cheapest solution provider. It provides worldwide solutions for integrated processes across oil and gas industry. Arabian Industries Energy Solutions is engaged in treatment of oil and gas processing. Some of the products and services of Arabian Industries Energy Solutions for the oil gas industry are: Four functions of oil treatment, separation, and dehydration and oil desalters are the main upstream areas. Treatment of gas covers dehydration of glycol, control of dew point of hydrocarbon and gas sweetening. Produced water treatment includes de oiling of hydro cyclone, filtration of membrane, stripping of H2S, management of sand, de sanding of hydro clone, washing, collection and transportation of sand. Feed study, survey of sites, installation of sites, trial of fields, commissioning of equipment and various control systems[5]. Manufacturing Activities: Arabian Industries has a separate wholly owned subsidiary, Arabian Industries Manufacturing (AIM) that focuses on engineering and manufacturing of different process equipments. It manufactures engineering equipments designed as per the needs of specific consumer[6]. These equipments are used in core industrial productions. It nurtures the value of quality products, health, safety and security of its employees, and protection of environment for the overall well being, thus providing an ideal business value to its stakeholders. The products and services offered by Arabian Industries Manufacturing are: Separation packages for 2nd and 3rd phase, treatment system for produced water, conditioning system for fuel gas, dehydration packages for gas and crude, stations for pressure reduction, skids for chemical injection, low and high pressure manifolds, condensate stabilizer, gas sweetening and other process modules and pre-engineered skid packages. Separation packages for testing, dehydrators, re- boilers for amine and glycol, de-gassers, de- aerators and de- hydrators, filters, drain vessels, drums and sand catchers and other pressure and process vessels. Cladding products, reactors, equipments for heat transfer, auto pipe spools, storage tanks, reactors, pig launchers and receivers, equipments and other technological structures. In addition, Arabian Industries Manufacturing provides repair and rehabilitation services like welding of overlay pipes and line pipes, butt welding, welding of fittings, valves and their components, painting and coating of glass flake etc., flange management, coating with thermal spray, bolt tensioning and asset integrity management[7]. Construction Activities: Arabian Industries is a holding company of Arabian Industries Projects. Arabian Industries Projects deals with the most technically challenging projects across the EPC contract. It provides innovative and cost effective one stop solution to both, the onshore and off shore clients[8]. It provides assurance of delivery in project management, transportation, warehousing, construction, installation and commissioning of facilities. Arabian Industries Projects follows principles of sustainable development to maintain international standard in providing wide range of expert skills. Some of the business areas of Arabian Industries Projects are: Off plot piping and on plot piping for oil and gas projects, refinery projects, power projects, civil works, tanks, treatment of gas, petrochemical projects, water injection[9], water treatment, and steam facilities, electrical projects, revamp projects, shutdowns and turnaround projects, modification plans and maintenance of plants and camp facilities. Maintenance Activities: Arabian Industries Technical Support (AITS) is one of the group companies of Arabian Industries. It provides expert maintenance solutions for all the requirements of Oil Gas, Petrochemicals and other chemical refinery industries. AITS provides excellent service as per the needs of global economy and urgency of worldwide clients. Safety is the utmost concern of the industry irrespective of the budget of the client. The services provided by Arabian Industries Technical Support are divided into two parts: shop based maintenance services and site based maintenance services. Shop based services include maintenance of equipments used in oil fields like high pressure valves, mud pumps, chokes and choke manifolds, Blow Out Preventers, Well Head Equipment etc. Shop based activities also include maintenance and monitoring of various pumps, compressors and turbines, manufacturing of drilling spools and crossovers, and testing and repairing of control valves, check valves, control valves and c ontrol valves for re- certification. It is also engaged in range for pipe cutting and flange facing[10]. Site based services of Arabian Industries Technical Support are maintenance of beam pumps, casing hangers, X- Mas trees, casing head pools and other well head equipments. It provides flange management services for bolt tensioning. It assists in plant turnaround and shut down activities, repairing and maintenance of tanks and vessels. AITS conducts electrical flanges testing and pneumatic testing[11]. Internal and External Recruitment Processes: Arabian Industries requires competent workforce having expertise in technical and administrative field to meet the needs of manufacturing, construction, maintenance and engineering activities[12]. It believes that human resource is the most critical factor for the growth of the organization. Arabian Industries has established programs for training and development of staff management and provides safe and quality working environment. Company has a vision of development of Omani Nationals. In line with this, Arabian Industries has taken due effort to increase the percentage of Omani Nationals in the companys operation[13]. Arabian Industries follows both the methods of recruitment, i.e. internal method and external method. In internal recruitment, employees are hired from the existing workforce. External recruitment involves recruitment of fresh candidates from outside the organization. Some of the methods of internal recruitment are internal job posting, transfer from one department to another, promotion etc. Arabian Industries uses promotion and internal job posting as the internal methods of recruitment. It conducts annual evaluation in which the performance of each employee is assessed and based on the level of performance against various factors; the employees are promoted and deployed in the designation that is best suited to them[14]. Internal job posting is another method of internal recruitment in which employees are informed of the vacancy and are asked to apply for the position, if they find themselves suitable for the post. This provides an opportunity to the workers to change their roles and departments. External recruitment is more time- consuming process[15]. Arabian Industries follows campus recruitment method of external recruitment in which fresh graduates with unique perspective and fundamental knowledge are hired, trained, assessed and posted in the respective departments[16]. Arabian Industries also uses job portals for recruitment purpose. The jobs are posted on the portal under current openings and application is invited from the suitable candidates to fill the vacancy[17]. Expansion Strategy and sources of funds: Arabian Industries is a multinational company providing innovative engineering services to oil and gas industry. The company started its journey in 1991 in Oman as a fabrication business that has now expanded to provide solutions to upstream, downstream and midstream operations. Arabian Industries is engaged in constant evolution and has reached to the international markets of UK, UAE, Arab and Iraq[18]. It has recently started construction of a new fabrication plant in Abu Dhabi[19]. Considering the ever-changing world and the expertise of Arabian Industries and its group companies, there is a vast scope of expansion of the company. Arabian Industries must consider expanding in the areas where it has not yet made its presence and constantly improve the services offered in the existing market. If the company considers expansion, it will need huge amount of funds. For this purpose, the company can use retained earnings as an internal source of finance. The company may choose not to pay higher dividend and use the retained earnings for new investment. It saves the cost of issuing new shares or debentures. Another source of internal financing may be through control of working capital. The company may speed up the account receivables and lengthen the accounts payable. The company may use bank borrowing[20] and assistance of government as the two methods of external financing. Banks provide loans to meet the short term and medium term financing need and charges interest on the loan amount[21]. The Arabian Industries can seek government assistance in the form of cash grants or other assistance for investment in high technology industries. This will accelerate development of national economy. Marketing activities for promotion: The Arabian Industries use various marketing tools for promotion of the products and services offered by it. Some of the tools used by the company in this regard are: Under this, the Arabian Industries does not use any intermediaries for promotion of its brand. They use direct channel like tele marketing, catalog marketing and face to face selling to deliver the services. It reduces cost for the company. The Arabian Industries sends emails and brochures to the target market for interaction with prospective clients. In this regard, they value and respect their stakeholders, deliver the right quality to their clients, handle press releases and are committed to maintain the corporate image[22]. Conclusion: In the conclusion, it can be said that Arabian Industries is a multinational company engaged in manufacturing, engineering, maintenance and construction in various core areas of Oil and Gas Sector. The finding of the report is that Arabian Industries is a fast growing company, which gives a tough competition in terms of quality of products and services and provides a comprehensive solution under one-roof. It has four group companies named as Arabian Industries Energy Solution, Arabian Industries Manufacturing, Arabian Industries Projects and Arabian Industries Technical Support, which provide expertise services in their functional areas at a very cost- effective rate. The company has established recruitment policy for attracting the new talent and designed training programs for nurturing the skills and capabilities of existing talent. Considering the capability of the company, the expansion plan seems to be feasible and various sources of finance that the company might use have been discussed. The company has been quite successful in promotion activities through various marketing strategy. References: "AI Energy Solutions | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "AI Manufacturing | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "AI Projects | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Capabilities | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Capabilities | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Capabilities | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Corporate Message | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Corporate Message | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Current Openings | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Fresh Graduates | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Introduction | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "News | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Omanisation | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Our Profile | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Products Services | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. "Products Services | Arabian Industries". in , , 2016, [accessed 27 December 2016]. DeVaro, Jed, and Hodaka Morita. "Internal promotion and external recruitment: a theoretical and empirical analysis."Journal of Labor Economics31.2 (2013): 227-269. DeVaro, Jed. "Internal hiring or external recruitment?."IZA World of Labor(2016). Mayer, Colin. "Financial systems, corporate finance, and economic development."Asymmetric information, corporate finance, and investment. University of Chicago Press, 1990. 307-332. Mina, Andrea, Henry Lahr, and Alan Hughes. "The demand and supply of external finance for innovative firms."Industrial and Corporate Change22.4 (2013): 869-901. Pickton, David, and Amanda Broderick.Integrated marketing communications. Harlow: Prentice Hall, 2001.

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The story of Romeo and Juliet Essay Example For Students

The story of Romeo and Juliet Essay The story of Romeo and Juliet is a romance story that ended in tragedy. The story consists of two lovers who were in families whos were enemies of each other. That was Romeos and Juliets lone obstacle. Their love for each other was unreal due to the fact they loved each other so much that you might think that they were meant for each other. The story ends in tragedy when Romeo and Juliet die due to their love for each other. Romeo dies by drinking poison when he saw Juliet sleeping from the sleeping potion that made her sleep for three days. We will write a custom essay on The story of Romeo and Juliet specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Then Juliet kills herself by stabbing herself with a dagger when she wakes up and sees Romeo died. Romeo is the protagonist who is romantic, virtuous, and impulsive. Romeo plays a very romantic person in the play. To illustrate this point Romeo is the only son of Lord Montague, the head of a reputed and rich family of Verona that is plagued by its long-standing feud with the Capulet family. In the first scenes, Romeo appears indifferent to his familys feud. His only concern is his love for Rosaline, a love, which is overwhelming, but artificial. Romeo is really in love with the idea of love. When he does not receive love in return, he grows melancholy and brooding. Even his friend Benvolio cannot distract him. In this short passage we can distinguish that Romeo is quite romantic since his only concern was his love for Rosaline. We can also observe that Romeo contains a very romantic behavior. For example when Romeo states O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an Ethiops ear   Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows As yonder lady oer her fellows shoes. The measure done, Ill watch her place of stand And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I neer saw true beauty till this night. Another example of him being romantic is when Romeo reverently calls Juliet dear saint, and likens her hand to a shrine, and his lips to two pilgrims whove come to the shrine to be forgiven their sins. Who could resist a romantic line like that? We can distinguish from here that Romeo is a very romantic person. Nowadays the term Romeo has became universal for a romantic ladys man. Romeo is also quite virtuous. For example, Lord Capulet when he calls him, a virtuous and well-governed youth and refuses to let Tybalt bother him, this shows that even the Capulet family likes Romeo who should be their enemy. Everyone in the play likes Romeo with only one exception, Tybalt! Friar Lawrence loves Romeo so much that hell do almost anything to secure his happiness. Mercutio and Benvolio both want to get Romeos attention. Even the Nurse thinks hes honest, courteous, kind, and handsome. Romeos admirer is Tybalt, and Romeo himself tells Tybalt, Villain I am none see thou knowest me not. Romeo here states that he is a no villain and that he is a good and virtuous man. From this we can see that Romeo was a very good person, who treated people with respect since even his familys enemies liked him. When he meets Juliet and discovers his true self and becomes even more virtuous. Their love is so right that Romeos speech is transformed to poetry. The first time they talk together, their conversation effortlessly forms a sonnet. One of the factors that Juliet loved him some much is because he was such a virtuous man. Romeo was a man of good, who is caught in the claws of love.

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Feminism Ophelia Hamlet Essays

Feminism Ophelia Hamlet Essays Feminism Ophelia Hamlet Paper Feminism Ophelia Hamlet Paper Aphelia is hardly present in the story and seems to not really function in the plot, but by studying her from a feminist critical approach, one would recognize Aphelions struggles in the patriarchal society in which she lives and the loss of her identity as a whole, by not only her father, but other authorial males in her life. Throughout the beginning of the play, Aphelia, Is used as somewhat of a pawn by all the male figures In her life, emotionally, physically, and even for sheer politics. Her lack of a mother figure and severe dependence on her father and brother, as well as other males, has literally taken away who she really Is, her opportunity to make and act on her own decisions. Aphelia is treated by her father as If she is not only his daughter, but his possession. When Aphelia first speaks to her father about Hamlet, he states l do not know, my lord, what I should think, (1. 2). Polonium responds in an authoritative way, basically attesting himself as the decision maker. When he states You do not understand yourself so clearly.. (l . 3), he attacks her competence to handle herself. He goes on to say : As it behooves my daughter and your honor(l . 3), making it clear that it would be in her best interest to behave according to the set standards and how she acts and presents herself, reflects onto him as her father and as a member of the kings court. It Is clear he doesnt care for Hamlet and ants his daughter to have nothing to do with him, convincing her that she Is nothing to him.. But, after hearing more about Hamlet acted towards her by grabbing her and Just staring Into her, he takes full advantage of the situation and Instructs his daughter to behave according to his best interests, to get closer to the king, Claudia. Aphelia, living in a male dominated world, has over the years, lost herself as a person, as a woman, doing things that she wouldnt normally do, such as be a part of her fathers plan to expose Hamlets reason for his madness. During the time when the play was written, women were marginalia, often dewed as property, even with fathers and daughters. In that society a woman would be required to be a dutiful daughter, wife, and mother, and dare not stray away from those approved roles that were placed upon them. Aphelia, growing up always being the dutiful daughter, obeys her fathers wishes and follows through with the plan. The pitfalls to being a dutiful daughter, In her case, Is that she lost the one man that made her happy, her lover, not only says horrid remarks to her, but breaks her down, and any little bit of reality she had was lost forever. The hazards of being a dutiful gaunter/mother/welt, are always present. I inner Is teen Immediate consequences, then there are the ones that over time, as her character screams out to the audience, being oneself becomes obsolete. Her brother, Alerter, who is going back to France, also advises his sister to keep away from Hamlet. Expressing that Hamlet being a prince, would marry for the good of the state and due to the differences in class, Hamlet would not marry Aphelia. Alerter also believes that Hamlet cares for her but loves her only for sexual need. Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting. (1. 3). Unfortunately, exposing another role a woman would face in a patriarchal society, sexual roles. He is also concerned with her good name and family reputation, possibly implying that she could get pregnant and he would leave her, thus putting herself in a unacceptable role of a woman; a woman with a past, forever branding her and the family name. Hamlet plays on her emotional strings. He has expressed his love for her and has given her gifts. The sudden death of his father and finding out the reasons behind his death, as well as the disgust of his mother marrying so quickly afterwards, molds Hamlet to a man he has never been before; untrusting, and very paranoid about others close to him, and for very good reason. He took out his anger with his mother on all who loved him. His only life line was Aphelia, the only one he thought of as true, or tried to make himself believe that she was, by grabbing her and observing her closely, as if he could see right through her. After her ultimate betrayal, by setting him up and lying to him about where her father was, she, cut off his life line. By doing so, he insults her, tells her that he loved her once, and belittles her to no end, until she is ambushed by so many emotions, that she is left in total confusion and heartbreak. With her brother in France, Hamlet rejecting their relationship, Aphelia finds out ere father has been killed by Hamlet. She in a sense, is left alone, and cannot handle herself, without the direction of her father , brother and Hamlet. At this point its clear, Aphelia has gone totally mad, Speaking very little, and if anything it is about her deceased father in chants and song. Now with the males in her life are gone, she has served her purpose in the story. She starts going down a downward spiral and shortly thereafter, she commits suicide, or at least it was implied that she did, by drowning. In conclusion, although a small, seemingly insignificant character, Aphelia, not only provides the reader to the philanthropic ideals and patriarchal attitudes towards women. But also serves to be somewhat like a mirror to the audience, one by one, reflecting the characters true self/intentions. Maybe being her ONLY purpose in the story to unveil her co-characters motive and who they really are in general. Polonium, her father, uses his daughter as some sort for property, for political gain and interest. Her brother, Alerter, again uses her for political reasons, somewhat, and to protect his name, uses her for the sake of his pride, and introduces sex, as Hamlets true goal with Aphelia.

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The ADL Matrix, Gap Analysis, and the Directional Policy Matrix

The ADL Matrix, Gap Analysis, and the Directional Policy Matrix Continuation. Read the beginning of the article to see the full picture. Here are three lesser-known strategic planning tools that are primarily used for determining a  large-scale  competitive strategy for an organization or a strategic business unit. These particular tools are fairly simple environmental analysis methods, and like other better-known tools such as SWOT  or PEST analysis, do not suggest actions the business should take to reach its objectives. They are best used as a first step in strategy planning, with other more complex tools such as Balanced Scorecards or Key Performance Indicators used to develop and carry out strategic objectives. All the notions listed below may be rather confusing and you should be ready to spend much time on writing. In case you need help with  ADL Matrix, Gap analysis or Directional Policy Matrix turn to our writers and  get professional assistance. The Arthur D. Little (ADL) Strategic Condition Matrix The Arthur D. Little Strategic Condition Matrix was developed by the well-known consulting firm of the same name in the  1970s and is a life cycle-based analysis similar to the Boston Matrix. Unlike the Boston Matrix, which considers a single dimension – product or SBU competitiveness – the ADL has two: competitive position and industry maturity. It was designed mainly for use in assessing SBUs in a large enterprise, but can be easily adapted for use as an analysis covering the entire company or smaller units. The ADL Matrix Competitive position is relatively easy to identify accurately if one thinks of it in terms of product and place: What does the company or SBU offer, and how extensive and diversified are the markets in which it can offer it? Product and place together define the business unit to be assessed. This does not, however, necessarily follow the organizational structure. For example, the sales division of an auto manufacturer provides a product in terms of the cars it sells, but also provides a product in terms of the marketing message supporting the sales effort, customer relations, and value-added components such as service warranties; thus, several organizational units, or parts of them, might make up an SBU for the purposes of strategic analysis with the ADL matrix. Industry maturity is fairly straightforward, and could describe not only an entire industry but a relevant segment of it; for example, our auto manufacturer might consider different vehicle classes such as sports cars, luxury sedans, and light trucks. Once the competitive position and industry maturity are determined, the SBU is assigned the appropriate place in the matrix, from where the company can begin to make strategic decisions. In some guides to the ADL, the 20 potential positions on the matrix are identified with specific generic strategies. In general, the positive strategies involving holding and growing SBUs increase as one moves from bottom to top and right to left across the matrix; the lower-right position representing a weak SBU in an aging market always suggests abandoning or otherwise divesting from the SBU. It is important, however, not to be too strictly bound by predetermined generic strategies. The actions and choices available to the organization depend on the organization’s circumstances and available resources, and may not match generic strategy prescriptions. The biggest weakness of the ADL is that it cannot account for uncertainty about the length of industry life cycles. In an organization’s current industry conditions, it can be difficult to foresee when those conditions might change, since the life cycle is not only affected by external forces but by the activities of competitors as well. Because effective planning requires a definite timeframe, a rapid change in the industry life cycle can make a chosen course of action obsolete and harm the company’s competitive position. Gap Analysis Gap analysis is usually associated with marketing strategy planning, but it can be applied to other types of strategic planning. It is one of the simplest planning tools ever devised, which gives it some distinct advantages and disadvantages. The first step in a gap analysis is to select relevant, measurable indicators that will describe the â€Å"gap†. The fewer the indicators chosen, the less complicated the subsequent analysis and plan development will be; examples of indicators might be gross revenues, profit margin, total sales, or production figures. The â€Å"gap† is the difference between the objectives and the current situation in terms of the selected indicators. Generally, the gap is visualized as a chart: The obvious question is, â€Å"Why would anyone want to conduct a gap analysis?† because the simplicity of the tool suggests it might not be of much use. As a practical tool, it really isn’t. The steps the company needs to take are entirely dependent on the indicators it uses to measure the gap, and their underlying factors; at best, the gap analysis can only tell the company how far off the mark it is in reaching its objectives, not how to reach them. It does have some value, however, as a way to impose some structure on planning processes and give them a clear direction. For example, if the company decides net profit is the indicator that defines the gap, subsequent planning activity will be more effectively focused on factors that contribute to net profit. The Shell Directional Policy Matrix The Shell Directional Policy Matrix is a variation of the Boston Matrix, but is somewhat more detailed and provides clearer generic strategies for SBUs. It relies on two variables, the outlook for sector profitability and the company’s or SBU’s competitive capability, and is arranged in a three-by-three matrix. Knowledge is powerful; we hope that through this article, we have empowered you. If you would like an article like this written for you, we can do that for a token. Our team of professional writers  has  a track record that speaks excellence and perfection! For an article in a related area, simply  place an order here  and get your unique article in no time! At , we provide high quality and  well-written  articles.